Thursday, April 18, 2024

Sunday, April 14, 2024

2024 Solar Eclipse - Arkansas

Here is a timelapse of the 2024 Solar Eclipse as seen from Flippin Arkansas. You can see two sunspots on the sun. The solar prominences were intensely red in color and a gorgeous site to see. Each frame is three minutes apart until the total phase when they are 3 seconds apart. And then operator error occurred and I did not take into account a meridian flip even though no tripod collision was possible. So I was only able to capture about 1/3rd of total. The photos get misaligned until I took over manual control and flipped the axis. Visually this was the most beautiful eclipse I have observed to date.


Sunday, January 28, 2024

Tadpole Nebula & Bode's & Cigar Galaxy

This beauty is the Tadpole Nebula (IC 410) with a star cluster (NGC 1893) right in front of it. The Tadpole is about mere 12,0100 light years away.

 Bode's Galaxy M81 (lower) and the Cigar Galaxy M82(upper) are gravitationally locked into each other. Both of them are about 11.8 million Light Years away.

NGC0224 M31 Andromeda Rephotographed

Sunday, January 14, 2024

Winter Wonderspace

 Some of you may have heard of the Horsehead Nebula. Unlike some nicknames of astro objects this one is completely obvious as to the why part... And as always here you go with the distance - the light from this beauty takes 1,375 years to reach us. The light from the red nebula comes from the bright stars behind it ionizing the hydrogen gas. The star Malach is so bright it is casting quite a halo!

This beautiful blue canvas of planetary nebula should be familiar to alot of us. It is the Pleiades star cluster or sometimes called the Seven Sisters star cluster. You can see it with the naked eye but depending on the light pollution in your area you may be able to only see four or five of the stars. Six is usually the maximum number of stars. This bad girl is only 444 light years of distance between us.

This is Andromeda and I have displayed it in the past but I try to get a better shot every time. This one is also visible to the naked eye if your li8gh pollution isn't too bad. So this one is 152,000 light years wide but only 2.5 million lights distance from us :) It is considered a sister galaxy to our very own galaxy.  By the way can see two smudges in the picture - those two sister galaxies to Andromeda.

Recognize this nighttime dominator. And for distance it is on average 1.2 Light Seconds away!

This NGC 2238 but also very appropriately nicknamed the Rosette Nebula and it is 130 light years in diameter but 5,000 light years away.

This old standby the Orion Nebula M42 I have taken so many times but again I try to do better every time. 1,344 light years distance and 24 light years in diameter.

Thursday, December 7, 2023

Some of my favorite Life Shots

Two Arizona icons in one photo - Gorgeous sunrises and saguaro cacti

A Harris Hawk giving me the eye

Mount Hood from the window of a 737

A Hood River Valley tree withstanding all that with enduring strength

A Oregon lighthouse withstanding all that with enduring strength

Winter does occasionally visit the desert

Floating Catalina Mountains above a snow covered Sonoran Desert

Snow covered Sonoran Desert Sunrise

Arches NP Utah - This photo stands as one of my favorites as the crowd at Arches National Park was completely bewildered as to why I turned my back on the Arch in front of them. The tree was completely outside the arch but somehow found a way to grow such that the arch framed it perfectly. As I took this photo the crowd completely missed the amazing beauty that nature had offered up to them. If only we would sometimes look beyond the obvious. Dyslexia is described as a disability. I have found it be a pain when playing cards and dice games and simply trying to read or type at a normal speed... However, I have learned to relook at things several times to make sure I got it accurate. This constant reevaluation of what I see gave me the skills necessary to see what the crowd completely missed on that day At Arches. Disability sometimes yes, sometimes no...

Mount Saint Helens August of 2005- My first attempt at good composition and an eye for taking a picture that matched imagination of the final picture on the wall. Also, yes I intentionally gave it a painting like feel in post processing.

Deschutes River Valley silhouetted by Mount Hood right after a beautiful rain storm - August of 2004 this is a really bad photo but I love it because it was Angie's idea to stop the car and take the photo. I wish I would have taken a better photo,. However I learned a lot about photography on this one. So I am very nostalgic about this one. Angie thank you for endorsing this one of what would turn out to be over 700,000 photos later

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Refracted Moon

 When the Moon is high enough and the clouds are high enough and thin enough! The refraction of Moon light was absolutely gorgeous... Yes I had to blow out the Moon to get the color in the clouds.

Stansbury Mountains Tooele Utah

The Stansbury Mountains as seen from Tooele Utah


Palisade on the Oregon Trail

 The Oregon Trail meets the Columbia River in the Columbia River Gorge and is briefly accessible before a modern freeway and highway plowed right over it. In complete Oregon fashion it was raining when I took my Palisade on this short section so I can say I drove on the Oregon Trail...

On a Whim the North Rim

 Coming back from a long road trip I decide to avoid some mountain snow and ended up heading for the Grand Canyon North Rim. That is the way most of my solo road trips go - explore if it looks good! The deciduous trees were gorgeous yellow as a bonus.

Annular Solar Eclipse

 So I was in Beaverton, Oregon for the October 14, 2023 Annular Solar Eclipse and per Oregon weather law it was cloudy. However, the clouds were thick enough to protect our eyes and cameras and thin enough to actual see and photograph it.